Saturday, October 26, 2013


This past Friday marks the end of four straight weeks being in Ireland. Checking out the house in Barcelona's center during a flight (the black circle in the large open area is Plaza Catalunya):

It was very cool to be in Dublin. Most things are closed at around 5pm or so except for Thursday evenings when all the shops in town stay open until 9pm. A view up Dublin's river Liffey a little after sunset one evening:

I found the people exceptionally nice and enjoyed the opportunity to be in Ireland again. Around 2005, I was in the area around Cork and Dingle, or what I'd call the south of Ireland, but what I later found out is called the west since the whole north-south thing is a sensitive topic!

Dublin's much smaller and grubbier than I had imagined. Not that it was bad, just more industrial and port-centered than I had expected. The downtown area is classic European with small streets, lots of shops, and scenic views. But, it's also incredibly dangerous with it's wrong-way traffic! Make sure you look right!!! A couple of double-deck buses not too far from Trinity College:

The exceptionally cool, harp-shaped and rotating-when-a-ship-passes Samuel Beckett bridge (note the mandatory Irish pub with the Power's whiskey sign on the corner):

Dublin's not blessed with the best weather in the world, actually it seemed to rain every day, but it more than makes up for it with it's warm people and flowing alcohol! One of the things that most sticks out now when thinking about the city is the roving Guinness tanker trucks that pass by every 15 minutes or so. It reminds me of when we were living in Stuttgart and the Mercedes train would go by the metro station loaded with hundreds of brand new cars. Actually, I bet my brother'd rather have one of these than some Mercedes:

Well, until next time Dublin, thanks for your hospitality. I look forward to seeing you again and to experience more of what you have to offer!