Saturday, November 29, 2014

Mariachis! At Home!!!

Every year in mid-September, Barcelona celebrates Mexican Independence Day at the Barcelona Viva Mexico festival held at Poble Espanyol. We went this year with Gema and some other friends. The food, and especially the music, was top-notch. Fun was had by all.

Diana knows that I'm addicted to everything Mexico having lived there for a couple of years. The spicy food, the culture, the music. So much so, I once even went to a Fiesta Mexicana in Osaka, Japan. So when it came time for our third (!!!) anniversary and, because she's one-hundred-times a better person than me, she did this:

Yes, Diana arranged a Mariachi band to serenade me from the street below.

The band only played two songs before the police showed up. I don't think the issue was noise/sound, which was pretty amazing, but rather that about 150 people were blocking the street in less-than five minutes. The guys came upstairs and continued to play in our living room. Yes, mariachis IN THE LIVING ROOM!

Another song:

Oh, and I haven't mentioned, the whole thing was a surprise party and Diana invited pretty much everyone who went to our wedding and lives here in Barcelona including the priest who married us. Thanks to everyone who helped make the night extra-special!

And an even bigger thanks to Diana for being the most amazing person I know! We should do this again soon!