Saturday, May 29, 2010

Workers' Rights Photo Show (Toledo Spain)

While in Toledo, I visited the Circulo de Arte de Toledo, which is a performance and art-exhibit space housed in a beautifully restored church. The photo exhibition that was on display, "Trabajo Digno, Vida Digna" (roughly: Dignified Work, Dignified Life), was excellent and I wanted to share some of the photos.

The space has a small bar with snacks, coffee, and alcohol. It appears that they also do live performances on the stage as well as a night club sometimes.

The four basic ideas of the show are: dignity, equality, liberty, and security. They are four of the rights listed in the 1948 United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which says that everyone has the right to work, to equality, to freedom, and to safety. Having managed several factories and a whole lot of people, as well as visiting countless other factories in many areas of the world, the idea of workers' rights is close to my heart.

I like exhibits like this because they help to remind me to think about where my food and other "stuff" comes from. Here are photos of the show:

Thanks to my roommate David for the translation discussion.

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