Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sasquatch 2

During my first visit to Barcelona in February, I happened to see a guy walking around town like it was the middle of summer on a nude beach. When I did some quick google searching back then, I found out that it's really not illegal to be naked in public unless you're causing trouble. The search results for "naked guys walking around Barcelona" include lots of images for one particular older guy that has "shorts" tatooed on his body. Well, yesterday while down at Port Vell, I finally saw the famous naked guy of Barcelona:

Umm...let's just say that if I had his "build", I might consider walking around naked too. :-) By the way, the police definitely knew the guy and just stopped for what seemed like a chat.

For me, it was akin to bumping into a movie star or some other famous person like the time I saw Harry Perry skating in Venice Beach (Los Angeles). If you've been down to Venice, you may have seen him skating around playing his electric guitar:

LA is actually a great place to spot famous folks. For example, I once saw Spock himself sitting in his Jaguar behind me at a red light. Every one that has lived in LA has star-sighting stories but probably none are quite as exciting as seeing Barcelona's own sasquatch!

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