Thursday, August 5, 2010

Learning Socially-Acceptable Behavior 2

Continuing with this week's food theme, today's topic was provided by way of a flyer I found in the entry area of my apartment building. It's a notice about an apparent summer-time problem in this area of Barcelona (near the Parc de Collserola):

Since my understanding of Catalan is still fairly poor, what I can make out of this is that there are wild boars in the park that come down from the hills to find food and water. The notice reminds you not to try to feed the pigs, not to leave food out for them, and not to leave trash outside in trash bags as this will cause the animals to continue to come into the urban area seeking food.

The notice warns of the potential problems when the boars come into the city such as when a car hits one in the street or the damage that they can do to the local parks and gardens. It should be noted that I was unable to find a mention of anything related to the health and safety of the human population...

So, as a reminder from this and our last lesson on socially-acceptable behavior, pick up your dog's droppings, don't pee in the street, don't break public property, and for sure don't feed the wild pigs. Thank you for your help.

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