Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Lights In Colombia

In the spirit of Christmas, I've been taking photos of some of the Christmas lights that I've come across here in Colombia. This first one is in Plaza Bolivar in the center of Bogota where they have an ice-skating rink and other holiday stuff set up. Note Mr. and Mrs. Shreck in Santa clothes:

This one was taken on Calle Septima (Seventh Avenue) also in downtown Bogota. They were having a street festival one night with lots of lights, music, and food.

This one is of a random street somewhere in Bogota:

On this street they had put lights overhead and along the sides. They were spraying bubbles from each pole that made it look (somewhat) like there was light snow on the ground.

In this park in Bogota there are tons of lights and displays that you can walk past:

Another photo from the same park as above:

...and yet another park with lights in Bogota:

This one is a park built around the Puente Boyaca, which is where the battle was fought granting Colombia independence:

I particularly liked how they "covered" the stream that runs through the park with blue lights to simulate water:

This is the main plaza and cathedral in Villavicencio:

Yes, that's a giant ant next to a Christmas tree in the main plaza in Puerto Inirida:

And, finally, this display is inside a shopping mall here in Bogota. I couldn't pass up the chance to climb over the ropes and create my own Juan Valdez Christmas scene:

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Feliz Navidad, Happy New Year, Feliz Año Nuevo, and even あけましておめでとうございます to everyone and thanks again for stopping by at my blog. I hope to see both of you sometime very soon.

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