Monday, January 10, 2011

Homecenter - Colombia's Home Depot

I went to a Homecenter store here in Bogota the other day. It's basically Colombia's version of The Home Depot. The trip wasn't too exciting but I guess that's the point of my story. Originally a part of The Home Depot (but since sold to South American investors), Homecenter has brought the home-super-center idea from its Chilean and Argentine markets to Colombia and they've done a pretty good job of it. Anyone that's been to one in the U.S. will feel at "home" instantly. For example, check out this guy with the trucker hat, insulated vest, and no shirt walking down one of the center aisles:

The layout of the store and the prices are exactly the same as we find in the U.S.; hardware aisle, tool crib, bathroom and kitchen remodel center; yep, everything down to the light bulbs and those twisty-bamboo-looking plants in the front of the store:

Check out the paint area. Been there, done that?

About the only things I could see that were really different than your generic U.S. Home Depot were the large water tanks in construction area (used to store water because of inconsistent water delivery from the public infrastructure)...

...and the the fairly large food court in the front of the store:

Like I said, the prices were the same as you find in the U.S., which means expensive here. You wouldn't know it from the large lines I saw waiting to pay. I know, not too exciting but I like to share the unusual (to the U.S.) as well as the "usual".

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  1. The supply and quality of water is very good in Bogota as good or better than in London. The water tanks are stored on top of the house/apartment roofs as there is no frost and the larger ones in which you refer are for projects in the "campo" where in some areas the water supply can be sporadic.


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