Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Space Invaders Attack Paris!!!

Run for your lives!!! Yes, Space Invaders are attacking Paris. They're everywhere in the city. Ack ack!!! Ack ack ack!!!!

Within about an hour of arriving into Paris I started to see them--tile mosaics of the 1970's Space Invaders video game aliens on the city's walls. The first I saw was near the Pompidou Center and someone added their own LEGO ship below it that's shooting at the alien:

I thought it was cool so I took a couple of photos but didn't really think much of it. It wasn't until I started seeing more and more while walking around that I figured out that it must have been or still is some sort of guerrilla-art project.

When I got home I googled "space invaders Paris" and the entire page of results is about what I saw. To save you from having to look it up, an artist named Invader started making and putting up small tile mosaics around Paris in 1998. He's since put them up in many cities around the world including in Los Angeles. They are generally placed about 10-15 feet up in well-traveled areas. I spotted at least eight but I'm guessing that I passed more and didn't notice them all.

This one might be my favorite... I love Paris!


  1. the low-resolution graphics of the space invader game works well with the small coloured square tiles. :-)

  2. I agree. I just wish I was that smart!

  3. When you get a chance, you need to watch the movie, "Exit Through The Gift Shop." It's all about street art and covers the Space Invaders among many others.

  4. david j: I posted a link to this story on facebook and the first comment I got was about that movie. I'll definitely be watching it and, also, I feel a bit sheepish because I didn't know about it. I need to watch more TV! :-)

  5. Darren, Definitely check out the movie. I saw it a couple of months ago, and it's amazing and really explains the whole street art movement.

    Keep up the great stories!

  6. Thanks for the complement stouffer3!


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