Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Engagement

If you're friends with me on Facebook you're already aware that I got engaged on June 18th (that's how far behind I am on posting). Since my blog is mostly a diary-of-sorts for me, I thought that I'd do a post so I'd remember it. :-)

Leading up to the big day, I had already talked with my sister and Pau about the possibility of Diana and I getting married. Both were extremely positive and supportive of the idea so I figured that the time was right. I also felt good about it because my dad and friends Chuck and Pug (all of whom I trust immensely) told me how great Diana is. So I went about trying to come up with a plan to get engaged that was romantic and something that we'd remember.

On the metro on the way back from visiting some friends, Diana and I were talking about what we were going to do long term since her Spanish citizenship and my U.S. citizenship wouldn't allow us to be together in either country for more than three months at a time. I mentioned to her that we really only had one option and she said "yes!" and then gave me a great big hug. Unfortunately, I never asked a question and the fact that we were in the metro approaching the Vall d'Hebron station, the whole "event" didn't meet the requirements that I had set for myself. It was neither romantic or something that we'd remember the details of for many years. What to do...what to do???

I needed some help so I talked with Pau and he, being a very smart man, talked with his wife Pili about helping me with an engagement party. We decided to use a pre-birthday BBQ that they were having for Pili that Saturday night for the big event. (Thanks Pili for sharing your birthday party with Diana and me.) Pau and I went out and bought some Cava (Spanish champagne) and some snacks for the party. On the way back we got to talking about the engagement ring, which I hadn't purchased yet. After some further consultation with Pili, Pau and I headed to a jeweler near Plaza Catalunya in the center of Barcelona to pick something up. Everything was ready at this point but what was I going to say?

I spent the next two days thinking about what I'd say, what stories I could tell. It got me thinking about our trip to China last year when Diana and I were in random restaurants where we couldn't communicate. Diana would lead the waiter around the restaurant and stop at different customers' tables, do a small bow, and proceed to order by pointing at the food she wanted. It was such a typical Diana move. I know it's strange but it was then that I knew that we'd probably end up getting married one day. It was the fact that I felt so safe with her, that with her I could get through any situation anywhere in the world...that she had no fear of anything, anyplace, or at any time. These things became the basis of my very-mangled-in-Spanish proposal "speech", which I'm still sure that no one present that day understood except for Diana.

So the big moment came. Pau and Pili served everyone champagne. I got "up front" and began my speech to Diana and the whole group. I told everyone about how my life in the past three years has ranged from super terrible to super great. I told everyone about how I never expected to find "the one" when I went to Spain last year. Diana started to cry a bit here. I told her that she couldn't cry. I then told the story about China and how Diana said "yes" to a question that I never asked in the metro that day. Everyone laughed. I felt good. I ended by asking Diana "quieres casarte conmigo?" (do you want to marry me?) She immediately said yes and we gave each other a big kiss.

Unfortunately, in my nervousness, I forgot to give her the ring, which I did about three minutes and 20 kisses and hugs from friends later. It all worked out in the end and now we're engaged.

Thanks to Pau and Pili for hosting (and sharing) the party with us. Being able to share the day with close friends was as romantic as I had hoped it'd be (in a Darren-and-Diana kind of way) and definitely something that we'll remember. Also, big hugs and kisses to everyone who came that day as well as to those who couldn't be there. XXOO!!

In true Diana fashion, by the following Monday night, we had met with the priest to confirm a date, the church to get a time slot reserved, and with the restaurant to host the reception. No time wasted there. The wedding will take place in late September of this year in Barcelona. It'll be a smallish event but we would love to have you attend. Please contact me for details if you're interested in coming and we hope to see you there!


  1. Congratulations Darren! Certainly more memorable than the accidental Metro proposal. :-)

  2. me encanta releer, lo sucedido aquel día, todo muy especial y romantico... fuí afortunada de tan importante evento!!!!!

  3.'re so sweet Darren. So happy for you and Diana!!! Congratulations again!

  4. So happy for you both! I adore Diana;-) And believe my advice to you was...she is awesome, don't screw it up. So go Darren! lol xoxo

  5. Thanks all! @cyberHag-you're right...I forgot...I'll update the story!


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