Monday, July 11, 2011

My 7 Links

This post is a little different than what I normally write about here. I was recently nominated by one of my favorite bloggers, Lee from LoneLeePlanet, to participate in Tripbase's My 7 Links project. The idea is that nominated bloggers pick stories from their own blog that best represent lessons learned in seven different categories. They then nominate other blogs they like to join in on the fun. Here are mine...

Most Beautiful Post

My post about the Mozu-Hachiman Futon-Daiko Festival that I wrote while living in Japan has some of my favorite visuals including a video. I've had other posts like those in Tibet that probably had some better photos but this is my favorite overall.

Most Popular Post

My post about Philadelphia's Italian Market to this day still gets the most hits of any story. From what I can tell, it's all related to people searching for images of the scene from the movie Rocky where the main character runs down the middle of the street in Philadelphia as part of his training program, which also included him beating up some meat.

Most Controversial Post

In Spain, there are a hand full of autonomous regions that have some level of self rule and independence from the central government. Catalunya, where Barcelona is located, is one such region. There are quite a few people in Catalunya that would like to see it be independent of Spain once again and quite a few on the other side who believe just the opposite, which makes my post on Catalan Nationalism somewhat controversial.

Most Helpful Post

The local Barcelona government ran a series of ads last year where they were attempting to teach people what is not acceptable social behavior. I really think there are some great lessons to be learned from what they put together so I wrote about it in a post called Learning Socially Acceptable Behavior.

Most Surprisingly Successful Post

I wrote a post about Wildwood, New Jersey last year. It's basically an ode to a little beach town that we went to every summer as I was growing up and continue to go to this day. Honestly, I'd say it's an average post for me but it gets lots of hits and my friends and family just love it and talk about it to this day.

Post That Didn't Get The Attention It Deserved

While in Osaka last year, I had the chance to visit the Nissin Foods Cup Noodle Factory where I got to make my own packages of Cup Noodles. The day was so much fun and the photos are so good that I've always wished that the post was more popular. It does get some hits but nothing like it deserves.

Proudest Post

Occasionally I actually manage to write something that's worthwhile. My post named simply Done, which answers the age-old question of "why did you get rid of everything and take off to explore the world?", is one that I'm particularly proud of. (Note: yes, that's me below back when I was waaaay smarter than I am now and, no, it has nothing to do with my proudest post.)

I'll add an eighth post, which is not one of the categories but should be. I'd call it my Most Fun:

While in Tibet last year, my guide asked me if I would mind doing him a favor by going to a local language school where a friend of his teaches English. There was no way that I'd miss the opportunity and Teaching English In Tibet ended up being incredibly fun and memorable.


I very much enjoyed going through all of my old stories. I've nominated these bloggers for the My 7 Links project and I hope that they have as much fun as I did:

To see all the participants in the My 7 Links project, visit this page. Thanks again to loneleeplanet!


  1. Thanks for taking part Darren, and cool list. I found the Catalunya article particularly intriguing. A strong sense of national pride with the donkey representations and the graffiti.

  2. @reesan - Thanks for the invite. It made for a fun exercise!


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