Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Before The Wedding: The Bride

In my last post, I wrote about me getting ready before the wedding. Today's is about Diana and her day leading up to the big event.

Diana started her day much earlier than me; my guess is at least two hours before. She had taken it upon herself to buy fresh-cut flowers and assemble all the flowers for the church on her own. I don't think I've ever heard of an entire wedding's flowers being done for so little money while still looking so great. My little Colombian girl makes me proud. Here's what I saw when I got out of bed last Friday morning:

Diana did all her prep at her friend Gema's house about a 15-minute walk from where we were staying with my family. She left to go get her hair and makeup done about 11am right around the time that I left to go to the church and place all the flowers she had put together. I'm not too sure of all the details of what actually transpired for the next few hours but I know for sure that she looked amazing. Here she is with Gema and Bernar:

Our friend Victor, who served as one of our witnesses, had taken it upon himself to write three different poems for Diana, one in Spanish, another in Catalan, and a third in English:

Unfortunately, one of the side effects of having the wedding in Barcelona was that very few family and friends from outside of Spain could make it. One of the ones that was there from Colombia was her cousin Carol who happens to also live in Barcelona. This is Diana with Carol and her husband Juan:

A special thanks needs to be given to Carol and Juan as I ended up using her cell phone's internet connection to broadcast the live wedding video. My phone had reset while I was setting up and I was unable to unlock it due to not knowing the security code for the new SIM card I put in it the day before. With her phone, we were able to get the video system working, which allowed friends and family from around the world to watch the wedding live. Thanks Carol!

As with the pre-wedding photos that our friend David took of me and my family getting ready, Diana had a whole bunch of photos taken that day too. It was hard to pick out only a couple of good ones to share here but these next two I thought were both super. I liked the lighting and angle of this photo and Diana looks particularly happy:

And what can I say about this one? My beautiful bride-to-be. Lovely!

Just prior to leaving to go to the church, David took a couple of group photos of everyone who was at Gema's place.

Our former roommate David (not the photo-taking David) arrived to drive Diana over to the church and got in a couple of photos. This is David, Diana, and Victor just before they left for the church:

As I mentioned above, not too many people from Diana's family were able to make it to the wedding day. One who did, her (second) cousin Cynthia and her husband Stefan, came down from Germany:

And, finally, here's the happy bride-to-be in the (surprise!!!) Mercedes that David had gotten to take her to the wedding in. Thanks David!

Now, off to the main event...the big day...the wedding!

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