Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Trilingual Sandwich?

I've been pretty lucky. I've managed to travel pretty much all over the world and have seen some truly amazing things (like thisthis, and this for example), had a bunch of amazing experiences (like this and this), and managed to learn a lot (like this and this). Yeah, those are a bunch of impressive and memorable things for sure. This post isn't about any of that.

There are certain things you see almost anywhere in the world you go. Places like Apple stores, Dunkin Donuts (except in California), Starbucks, McDonalds, and lots of others. Some say that it ruins the experience and "the purity" of the place. That somehow the place has been "diseased" by the invasion of these "foreign" bodies. I especially hear this from people from the "first world" who travel to "get away from it all" and find that their Grande Frapachino beat them there. For me, these things don't ruin the place. I just see it as the world gets a little smaller every day and that people all over the world enjoy similar things.

I did laugh recently though at just how small the world has gotten. About a week ago I walked by this Subway sign here in Germany and didn't pay it much attention at first--Subways are one of those things that you'll have a hard time getting away from when traveling:

It wasn't until I was just about to turn the corner when I noticed this:

Yep. This sandwich requires you to use three languages at the same time when ordering. Das Chicken Fajita! You can try to run and hide but the world is a very small place and it's getting smaller all the time...

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