Monday, April 16, 2012

Flat Savannah

When I was back in Philadelphia in mid-January, my niece asked me to help her with a project that she was doing for her Girl Scout troop. This time it didn't involve cookies but it still was something fun. She gave me a piece of paper with a picture of a Girl Scout, called Flat Savannah, that she had colored in with markers. I was going to write about Flat Savannah but I thought that my niece could do a better job so I sent her an email with a few questions and this is what she wrote back [my notes in brackets]:

"We have Flat Savannah to earn a badge. The tradition of Flat Savanna probably came from Flat Stanley, a book about a boy named Flat Stanley and his adventures. The average [number of photos each girl got/had with Flat Savannah] would probably be about one or two. I was one out of two or three people that sent theirs off and no one really got photos. I had the most photos and I had 14. I am almost positive my Flat Savannah was the only one who went out of the country, so I know that mine went the farthest. Flat Savannah is supposed to be back on the date on the instuctions sheet [thanks for the reminder]. And if u need more info just email me again with more Qs and I will give u the As."

She's so cute, isn't she? Based on my best guess, Flat Savannah's: traveled (at least) 15,370 miles via airplane (60% on her way to Silver level on StarAlliance!), crossed the Atlantic Ocean three times, and has been to three countries. So, where has she been? Let's look...

Flat Savannah at Castellers' practice with the Castellers del Poble Sec in Barcelona, Spain:

Flat Savannah waiting for the Metro in Barcelona, Spain:

Flat Savannah back in the United States at a gift shop near New York City:

Flat Savannah visiting distant cousins, the Flat Irons, in Boulder, Colorado (United States):

Flat Savannah back in Europe getting burgers with Pau at Kiosko Burger in Barcelona, Spain:

Flat Savannah picking out some Barça items at the airport gift shop in Barcelona, Spain:

Flat Savannah at the Stuttgart airport arrivals area, Stuttgart, Germany:

Flat Savannah picking out a new car at Meilenwerk, Stuttgart, Germany:

Flat Savannah at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany:

Flat Savannah visiting the medieval town of Tübingen, Germany:

My niece may not need any other Flat Savannah photos for her badge but I've got her in my backpack that I take everywhere. My goal is to get her to at least one more country and maybe two more before she goes back home. Who knows where she might pop up next!

By the way, if you'd like to print out, color, and take photos with your own Flat Savannah, you can get one here.


  1. Cute little girl. But not as cute as "hombre espanol" ;)

    1. Thanks barcelena! You might be correct but F.S. is way easier to take in my backpack!

  2. Hi uncle darren! I love u!!!

    1. Hi Cori! I had fun traveling with Flat Savannah. It'd be fun to have you along sometime... Besos!


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