Saturday, May 19, 2012

Learning German

Yesterday was my last day in the first-level (European Framework A1) German class. I took the course at the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (I.F.A.) right in the middle of downtown Stuttgart. It was eight weeks long and very intense so we celebrated passing the class by going for ice cream together:

I put in a ton of extra effort because I hadn't gotten above 50% correct in any of the grammar-related quizzes that we had taken but I did do consistently well during the class on the reading, writing, and listening parts. In the end, my strengths ultimately pulled up my overall grade to a surprisingly high level. Everyone in our class passed, which I found out later is somewhat unusual especially in light of the fact that the parallel A1 class to ours had only four of twelve students pass.

Like when I got certified in CELTA in California last year, one of the best parts of the class was getting to know a small and diverse group of people that I'd probably not get the chance to otherwise know. Danke für den Spaß mal zu (from left in the photo below): Alex from South Africa, Fuka from Japan, (me), Michelle from Hawaii, Louise from England, one of our two teachers Ingrid, Fabiola from Brazil, Susana from Venezuela, João from Brazil, and Mayuri from India. Not in the photo were Manuel from Colombia who took this photo and Nischita from India who was traveling that day.

See you guys soon in level A2! In the mean time, I'll be brushing up on the an/auf/zu/in/aus/etc., der/die/das, and a bunch of grammar weak spots...

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