Thursday, August 16, 2012

Meersburg Zeppelin Museum

This story should probably be filled under my Random tag because coming across a Zeppelin museum while in Meersburg was just that. Down one of the side streets, high up on a plain-vanilla building was a small, hard-to-read sign that said "Zeppelin Museum":

What? As in THE Zeppelin airship probably best known for a very unfortunate accident that took place in New Jersey in 1937? Yep, the same company that designed and built the Hindenburg - right here in Meersburg? I just couldn't wait to hand over my money to the nice old lady at the museum (I even got a student discount for showing my German class I.D.!).

The view inside the Meersburg Zeppelin Museum from the front entrance:

How excited was I to find out that the Constance area was home to the world-famous Zeppelin company? VERY!!! It turns out that Zeppelin's headquarters and production facility are just a few minutes southeast of Meersburg on the same shore of Lake Constance. Getting to see where the Hindenburg was built and where they now build blimps would be on par with when I got to go the aircraft repair facility in Frankfurt. Next visit for sure!

The "theater" area of the museum with a video loop about the history of the Zeppelin company and the airships they've produced over the years. Oh and, bonus, the video was in English!

The museum is small but packed with interesting stuff. It was basically a personal Zeppelin-obsession-on-display as opposed to something official by the company. They had a lot of items that were used on the various ships over the years and even some pieces of the structure of one of them.

The woman working the front desk was excited that I was learning German and she gave us a brief tour and explained some of the items in the museum. She only spoke German but she spoke very clearly and slowly for me and I was able to ask questions and get the answers then translate her information into Spanish for Diana. I was thrilled since five months ago I didn't know more than three words in German and there I was having a conversation with someone! Woohoo!

Another view of the museum including a couple of seats from one of the Zeppelin airships:

Okay, so you might not be as excited about this as I am/was but it was pretty damn cool. How random is finding a museum about something as famous as Zeppelins in a tiny little town that you just happened to visit on the recommendation of some friends that you were staying with? Super.

Not only should this be filed under Random, it should be filed under the "Always say YES" tag. I love trying to always say yes to every offer at all times and this simple museum reinforces my desire to continue to say yes.

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