Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Erdnuss Flippies

One of the things that I really miss about the United States is the complete lack of good, all-natural, hydrogenated-oil-free peanut butter (among other food items like Roberto's Mexican food or really good Japanese food). Sure they have peanut butter in stores here but it's the kind that's like 20% hydrogenated vegetable oil, re-branded Jif for example, and not the mixing-required, peanuts-and-salt-only kind like Laura Scudders (sometimes labeled as Smuckers All Natural).

Each time I leave the U.S., I fill up every last ounce of check-in-bag weight that I've got with jars of the tan gold that is peanut butter. So, it's been almost eight months since I've been back in the U.S. and my PB stash is just about at its end. I think that there's maybe three or four tablespoons left in my last jar that's hidden in the back of the fridge. Oh no! What's a boy to do???

Well, just when I thought that the world might end, I was introduced to something by our Munich friends that just might hold me over. World, meet Erdnuss Flippies:

That's right! Erdnuss (peanut) flavored "cheese" curls! No, they're not particularly "natural" tasting but they are peanut-butter flavored and they are available in almost every store here in Germany.

What, you're asking, are Erdnuss Flippies? My guess is that cheese curls are, or maybe "should be", popular only in the U.S. and maybe Canada so for the non-U.S. folks, cheese curls are basically like those "peanuts" that they use to protect the contents of items during shipping except that they are slightly more edible and have flavored added. I've only known them to be cheese flavored but apparently some German engineer bent on world domination decided to make curls in peanut flavor, which is actually extra interesting since peanut butter isn't exactly the most popular food flavor sold on this side of the pond. Believe it or not, there are two entire racks at my local supermarket dedicated to this stuff!

Considering that I've never really gotten into cheese curls, I've managed to finish off at least three or four bags without even thinking since finding out about Flippies. I'm now promising myself to stop buying them but I'm not sure how I'll do...or even if I want to...

And, to make matters worse, just this past Friday when I was shopping, I came face-to-face with my latest nemesis, Mexican-style flippies! I'm not sure what peanut butter and Mexican "style" will be but maybe something along the lines of a spicy, Thai sauce. Hmm...maybe I'll try them next...hold me back, please...

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