Saturday, August 3, 2013

Flat Stanley

Last year my niece had a Girl Scout project where she had to send a small paper "doll" out into the world. The idea behind Flat Stanley and Flat Savannah is that kids have a way to have a whole bunch of experiences including visiting friends and family and traveling the world (without the parents having to send their bundle of joy out into the world).

It seems that the original idea was that kids could improve their writing skills during the project by sending letters to each person that Stanley visited. I'm not sure how much a part the letter-writing thing is now. But anyway, I love the idea and I was super happy to participate by taking Flat Savannah with me on a whole bunch of adventures.

This year, my cousin contacted me about my nephew needing to do the same with his Boy Scout group and his Flat Stanley. Woohoo! I couldn't wait to help out again!

Flat Stanley hanging out on the balcony in Barcelona after his arrival from Philadelphia:

Flat Stanley is a based on a book in which a kid gets flattened by a bulletin board. Making the best of his situation, he goes on to have a bunch of adventures.

Flat Stanley waiting for the metro in Barcelona:

I love carrying the Flat kids around with me because it forces me see the things in life that may have become routine from a different perspective. What would Stanley and Savannah find interesting about my life and environment on a daily basis?

Flat Stanley at castellers practice on a Tuesday evening:

I ended up having Stanley for about four weeks but, unlike when I had Savannah, I didn't go on too many trips. Instead, the photos tended to be more "daily life" types of things. It was still fun but would have been even more fun (for me) if I had been able to take him more places.

Flat Stanley trying on Barça uniforms:

Flat Stanley posing in front of the European Union, Catalunya, Spain, Barcelona, and a bank's flags:

Probably the biggest day that Flat Stanley was with me was Diada de Sant Jordi, which is Catalunya's Valentine's day. It's a day that recognizes Saint George, who is the patron saint of both Barcelona and Catalunya.

Flat Stanley checking out some flat relatives during Diada de Sant Jordi on Las Ramblas in Barcelona:

Flat Stanley checking out the Castellers del Poble Sec "performing" in front of the Sagrada Familia. This photo's like a World Heritage advertisement for Barcelona.

I had a great time with Stanley and can't wait until my nieces and nephews are old enough to come visit on their own. Until then, hangin' out with the Flat version will have to do.

Thanks to my cousin and nephew for sharing Stanley with me. I hope that he had a great time! I know that I did!

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