Tuesday, December 10, 2013

48 Hour Open House Barcelona 2013 - Day 2

Day two of the 2013 48 Hour Open House Barcelona wasn't nearly as exciting as the first day but I wanted to do a quick story about it because we got to visit another Gaudi building. This one, The Colegio Teresiano (Teresa School), is not easily accessible to the public so it was on our must-tour list.

Much like his more famous work, the Sagrada Familia, Gaudi was brought in to the project part way through and was able to put his stamp on the work. Gaudi designed the building to be austere, in deference to the vow of austerity practiced by the sisters, but it's pretty damn fancy compared to most school buildings. Gotta' love the wrought iron gate:

He used his signature catenary aches and a raw (austere) brick theme throughout:

The highlight of the modernist building is probably this area, which is similar in design to the top floor of Casa Batllo where catenary arches are the design theme:

Our other stop on day two was at the Palau Baro de Quadras, which, like the Palau Guell, is another modernist building originally built as a private residence:

The palau is another work by Catalan architect, and Gaudi contemporary, Puig i Cadalfalch. The building is designed with two facades, the one on Avenida Diagonal (shown above), which was used by the family and is more showy, and the the second more plain one, which faces a smaller street and was used by people who rented apartments in the building. Cadalfalch designed it with a northern-European-castle feel and there are some similarities with other works of his such as sculptures built into the facade like you find at Casa Amatller.

Like I said, day two wasn't quite as exciting as day one but the chance to see any Gaudi building is something to be taken advantage of. We'll definitely be back next year and can't wait!

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