Thursday, June 4, 2015

Barcelona Three Kings 2015

I've written about Spain's Three Kings Day before so I'll skip most of the details. Basically, the holiday celebrates the Epiphany, which is when the three wise men visited the baby Jesus. Three Kings' day is to Spanish kids what Christmas morning is to kids in the United States. The most fun (for me) is that they celebrate with a large parade the night before that's part Cirque du Soleil part Macy's Thanksgiving Day.

This year's parade fell on a Monday night and the city offered a chance to see the floats close-up during the weekend before. The preview was held at the Fira Barcelona, which is the convention center where the annual Mobile World Congress takes place.

On display are many (if not all) of the floats and some of the characters/performers. We even got to see some of them practicing.

I mentioned the Cirque du Soleil feeling to the parade. The mysticism-meets-Steampunk would be right at home on a stage in Las Vegas.

Here's the same float during the parade. You can see the team pulling out front and one person riding up top.

These guys were practicing a couple of songs while we were there. The crew was very accommodating and happy to be in everyone's photos.

And again, the same folks the next night performing during the parade on Via Laietana in the center of Barcelona.

In true Barcelona fashion, this small group (representing only five countries), had a fun evening watching and enjoying this year's Three Kings Day parade.

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  1. The food, especially the bread, is very delicious during the Three Kings Day festivities.
    Thanks for sharing.


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