Monday, March 1, 2010

Inca Kola

I'm the type of person to try pretty much anything once especially when it comes to food. Someone once said to me that if they were in a place with cannibals that they'd eat right along with the group. I'm probably somewhere in that league.

Here in Peru, the most popular soda isn't Coke or Pepsi, it's Inca Kola. Its looks are a lot like the bright colors of Mountain Dew or even the antifreeze that you use in your car. How could I not try it?

Now part of the national identity/pride, Inca Kola was actually created by an English immigrant to Peru about 100 years ago. I read that it was originally flavored with lemon verbena but I doubt that they use verbena to flavor it today. Actually, it tastes a lot like old-fashioned bubble gum. It's a bit sweet but I guess I expect that in all sodas. I really, really like the flavor and would probably drink it regularly if I could find easily it in the U.S.

Inca Kola also comes in a diet, or Light, version too. It's not quite as sweet tasting but otherwise they've got the flavor right on. I actually prefer the diet version to the regular because of it being less sweet.

Yum. I like this Inca Kola stuff. Now to go find some new and exotic food to match it with!

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