Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2700 Miles

I spent the last few days in my beloved Oceanside California with my great friends Chuck and Gail. Last night we went to happy hour at the Oceanside Harbor with Gail's dad, mom-in-law, and Chuck's daughter Christy. It was very nice drinking cheap happy-hour drinks, eating the local deep-fried specialties, and hanging outside watching the seals swim by. The weather was an almost-perfect 62 degrees and sunny.

Here are the happy campers just before sunset and a couple of drinks in:

I left via Carlsbad airport about an hour or so later and headed to Philadelphia to play my semi-annual role as the prodigal son. Each time I come back and enter the room for the first time, my sister yells out "kill the fatted calf, the prodigal son has returned". It's a role that I enjoy playing over and over. It never really gets old being the center of attention, does it?

The weather is a little different 2700 miles away from Oceanside. As I write this, it's currently 39 degrees, overcast with some light showers, and there's some snow left over from a past storm. Needless to say, I'm guessing that all the drinking's going to take place indoors...

Here's a shot down the street that my dad lives on:

Oh yeah, to the doubts of a certain Philadelphia-area-based friend, I will continue the travel blog while visiting the City of Brotherly Love. I do believe there are quite a bit of cool things that I can write about. If you have any ideas, drop me a line.

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