Sunday, February 20, 2011

The History Of Coffee

I grew up in a house where coffee was always taken with Half-n-Half and lots of white sugar. I really didn't appreciate coffee growing up but I'm trying to make up for it now. The history of coffee looks something like this...

Pre-1992 = Never drank coffee. Just Acme black tea with milk - probably with a bunch of sugar.
Circa 1993 = Mocha. Lots of chocolate.
Circa 1997 = Drip coffee with Half-n-Half or milk with a tablespoon of "raw" sugar.
Circa 2003 = Drip coffee with milk and like three Splendas.
Circa 2007 = Latte with three Splendas later reduced to two then finally one.
December 2009 = In Japan I started to drink drip coffee with only milk (no sugar).
December 2010 = Whatever coffee I can get. Black with no milk or sugar.

I find that I have no desire for milk or sugar in my coffee anymore. I really think what's next is to just eat the coffee grounds. Seriously, I'm going to make some coffee right now...

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