Sunday, April 24, 2011

Seeing Barcelona With Dad

My last week has been lots of fun because my dad came to Barcelona for a visit! We mostly did stuff that I've done at one point or another before but I did have a few firsts...and a bunch of new photos with us at the local hot spots.

For example, I finally got to see the inside of the Barcelona cathedral. Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos of me and dad there but this is us in front of the the very cool Santa Maria Del Mar church:

The pope came to town last November to bless the Sagrada Familia, which I'm sure helped to speed up the ongoing construction a bit. It was nice to see the whole interior of the church basilica without the scaffolding. They've also removed lots of the exterior scaffolding too, which made for great photos out front of the Passion Facade:

...and over on the other side at the Nativity Facade:

My dad goes walking around his town pretty much everyday but I think I broke him more than once with all the walking we do here "over on the continent". For me, and I hope for him too, it's all worth it when you get to see things like this view from the fortress up on top of Mont Juic:

My dad did say a few times that one of the highlights of Barcelona (other than Diana's cooking) was the visit to La Pedrera where he got to learn all about Gaudi and see those awesome Star Wars-style water tanks and chimneys on the roof:

Part of the fun of having visitors come to town is that you get to do stuff that you don't normally do. It was nice to have the opportunity to see Casa Batllo again. Other than the Church at the Colonia Guell, Casa Battlo is probably my favorite Gaudi work. It's even better with dad in tow!

I had a ton of fun visiting other old faves like the Cafe de l'Opera and Sagardi. Even just buying coffee in the Gothic Quarter was fun.

Thanks for stopping by dad! I miss you already and can't wait to see you again!

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