Saturday, April 9, 2011

Welcome Back To Barcelona And Early Birthday Party

I've been in Barcelona for two weeks but haven't had a chance to write any new stories yet. Up to now, I was catching up on the last of the California stories and working (if you can believe it). Well, welcome back to Barcelona with me!

The trip back involved a close-call, weather-related delay getting into San Francisco from San Diego but the flights from SFO and FRA (Frankfurt) ended up being uneventful. Unfortuneately, I didn't get much sleep so I was really tired once I got in. Let me say, it's nice to be back here. Barcelona is, as you probably already know, a pretty amazing city and it's good to see my friends from here again.

On the Friday night after getting back, we had an Asian-themed Welcome-Back-T0-Barcelona and Early-Happy-Birthday get together at the apartment in Vall d'Hebron. Victor somehow found and brought sushi and Andrea and David hand made some too. Pili and Marcos can be seen enjoying some of the feast in this photo:

We ate a light dinner of Diana's "Asian Pasta" and Gyoza that Pili and Pau brought. It was all really delish. We broke out the bottle of Pinot Noir that I brought back from California and drank it and a bunch of bottles of Cava and wine that everyone brought with them. Yummy--lot's of treats!!! During the party, I was given an ice-cream birthday cake and a remote-control helicopter as a gift:

It was a great time with a bunch of great friends. Thanks to the team for the food, drinks, gifts, and the lovely welcome back (clockwise from next to the TV): David, Leiris, Pili, Gema, Andrea, Pau, me, Victor, Liliana, Elizabeth, Vladmir, David, Nadia, Marcos, and Dianita:

(Side note: the group in the photo above is made up of people originally from six different countries. Kinda' cool.)

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