Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Party With Friends In Barcelona

This past Friday I went to a Christmas party with a bunch of our friends in Barcelona. It was my first time at the party but they do it every year just before folks start heading out of town to visit with their families. Leiris, Elizabeth, and Senda (the resident pooch) were nice enough to host this year's soirée at their place near the Sagrada Familia.

Since it was pot-luck style, everyone brought their own specialty, which resulted in me eating "a little bit of everything" and ending up extremely stuffed by the end of the night. My contribution, homemade eggnog, got generally positive reviews and made me realize (again) just how addicted I am to it.

Thanks to everyone for such a fun and memorable evening! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to, and from (left to right): Marcos, Nadia, Vladimir, Pau, Pili, David, Andrea, me, Diana, David, Leiris, Victor, Elizabeth, and Senda (on Elizabeth's lap).

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