Tuesday, March 12, 2013

On The Value Of Time

I haven't been writing as much on this trip to Colombia. Mostly it's due to just not having as many adventures to write about. It's not that we've been lazy (well, maybe sometimes) but rather that we've had to be available for Diana's parents and their medical needs. What the trip lacks in the adventure department has been made up for ten times over by good, old-fashioned, family time (including having my dad come visit last month), which I wouldn't trade.

When we were in Germany and talking about going to Bogota, the decision for me was very easy. Of course we should go. It almost wasn't even a question that needed to be asked. Back about four years ago or so, when my mom was sick with cancer, I watched in awe at how my dad took care of her through it all. He made sure that she got to all her appointments, that she had taken all her meds, and, towards the end, even hand fed and bathed her. It was hard for him much of the time but mostly because he never felt like he was doing a good enough job. He did. More than anyone could have asked. It was inspirational.

My dad took care of my mom almost to her last day. It was only when she needed to be put on a morphine drip for her pain that her 24-hour care had to be done for a day or two at a hospice. Later, while thinking back on everything that my dad did for my mom, I committed to myself that if and when my dad ever needed someone to care for him like he cared for her, I'd be there in a minute to do it. Whatever the cost. So, when the "opportunity" came up for us to help out Diana's folks, like I said, there wasn't even a second thought. We could always go back afterward and pick up where we left off.

One of the things that I've learned, over and over again, in the last few years has been that family, friends, and time are all we got. Everything else, and, by that, every thing is replaceable and not really that important. I've learned that I would trade, and in some ways have traded, the "stuff" for more time. More time to learn. More time for experiences. More time to grow. More time to spend with those I care about. I guess that's what's important.


  1. Sweet Darren, we just returned from Sun City, where we refurbished my dad's condo (he has dementia now) and worked on my mom's house. Same thing from your brother from a different monther; he said "sure" when I said I would like to spend our Mexico time working in Sun City . Love that man. We spend 2 months basically living in our Roadtrek, doing all we could for my folks. We're home in Wisconsin now, cutting wood and looking at all the lovely snow. Life is grand!
    Love to you and Diana.

    1. Hi auradot! I was wondering if you guys would get to Mexico this year. I can't believe you "wintered" in the U.S. Hopefully we'll get to see you guys soon.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Darren, we love you. Thanks for love my moom, specially. Tks for all.

    1. Well, thanks for sharing your family with me! I'm glad Diana and I could be there to help.


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