Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pug Saves A Life - Or - What Did You Do On Your Last Vacation?

One of the nice things about living in Barcelona is that it's not super difficult to get family and friends to visit. Now some might see having visitors as a burden but not me (or Diana). We love and look forward to it. So I was very happy to hear that my long-time friend Pug would be coming to Spain for for a month's visit and would be spending about half that time in Barcelona.

I've known Pug since high school when we met through a mutal friend named Mike. We've been good friends ever since and were even roomates for a short while when she first moved out to California from Philadelphia. Pug's one of those people who continues to impress and amaze me. She's a vegetarian, supports animal-welfare organizations, runs her own business, and started and continues to lead a charitable organization that raises money for women with cancer. In other words, she's always looking to help others and, without a doubt, is a way-better person than me (not that that's difficult, but still).

Diana, Pug, and I up at Tibidabo:

For the first two weeks she was in town, we did a bunch of the normal touristy stuff, ate some meals together, and had a good time catching up. When Diana and I left for the U.A.E., Pug went traveling around southern Spain, incluing visiting the Alhambra, Cordoba, Sevilla, and a couple days in Gibraltar.

Pug's a big runner and while she was in the hills checking out the monkeys (yes, monkeys) at Gibraltar's Upper Rock Nature Preserve, she happened across a situation. Down below where she had stopped, a group of monkeys was ravaging an unattended baby stroller including ripping open and trying to eat everything. She became extra worried when one of the monkeys tried to eat the contents of a prescription bottle. (It makes me very happy that Pug got and shared this photo!)

 Never being one to shy away from trouble, she ran to an attendant and told him what's up. His face turned white and he immediately called for emergency services. Unbeknownst to our hero, a man had collapsed just out Pug's view...or so she says...and the women whose stroller was being attacked had just gone over to the man. The attendant was able to see the man and thanked her profusely for letting him know about the emergency. Turns out the guy had had a heart attack or something and Pug had basically provided the guy with the extra minutes that may have been key to his survival.

I didn't believe Pug's version of this story though. Knowing Pug like I know she really is...I know the truth...that she actually did see everything but is just being modest. It's just like her to hide behind some crazy monkey story. Anyway, to thank her for her civic service, I couldn't wait for her to get back so we could celebrate over churros and chocolate at Cafe De L'Opera:

It was good to see you Pug. Diana and I can't wait to have you visit again. And, while you're busy vacationing, maybe another life can be saved...

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