Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Eagles In Dublin

Being in the right place at the right time and trying to say yes to as many opportunities as possible has lead me to some exceptional experiences.

About a month ago on one of my trips to Dublin, someone I know there asked if I liked the Eagles. Normally, I'd think of the Philadelphia-variety of Eagles but, in this case, I knew that the music group the Eagles was playing a few nights at the nearby O2 arena.

Sure, I said, while thoughts of concerts flashed in my head. Sure enough, she had a ticket she wasn't going to use for that evening's show. And with that, off I went to check out the Eagles in concert in Ireland! Woohoo!

Now, I'm definitely not a huge fan of the Eagles. I don't even have any of their music saved on my phone. But, the chance to see them live - for FREE even - was too good to say no. Most of my exposure comes from my dad when he would listen to the radio or records on the weekend. Some of that music included bands like Boston and the Beatles, which, to this day, are familiar to me. So, on some level I knew of their music but probably couldn't name more than a few songs.

Well, damn. They've got some pretty amazing stuff. Crowd favorites like Hotel California, Take It Easy, and Life In The Fast Lane got big responses but I ended up pleasantly surprised by how many of their songs where I knew the words. The show lasted about three hours and was very entertaining as it was presented like a history of the band, which included videos, interviews, and story telling by different band members.

I've definitely got a new respect for Don Henley, Glenn Frey, and the rest of the Eagles. What a great surprise and fun way to spend an evening. How crazy is this thing called life?

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