Saturday, January 23, 2010


I had an unfortunate encounter with one of those wrong-way-tear-up-your-tire-spike strips in Istanbul. You know the things that are at the exits of parking lots and will shred your tires if you drive over them the wrong way? Well, this one was in the middle of a pedestrian walkway... This is what I mean:

It was pouring rain and dark outside and I was trying to go very fast and didn't see it. I slammed hard ripping up my palms, bruising both knees, and ended up very dirty and soaked. Fortunately, I was less than a block from the hotel so I limped back and spent about 20 minutes pulling gravel out of my hands with tweezers. Fun! My knees really hurt today when I bend my legs and here's my left hand (both look roughly the same) about 24 hours later:


  1. I've watched you pull gravel from your body're a pro! Maybe it was 25 years ago, but still.

  2. Oh ouch!!!! Pour vodka on that boo-boo;-)


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