Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tel Aviv Israel - Day 1

After almost 24 hours of travel time, I arrived into Tel Aviv yesterday and Ruma and Nicole met me at the airport.

We immediately drove to downtown Tel Aviv and walked around for about an hour or so. It was cool to see the area with its variety of stores, shops, and markets. It's not home but somehow very familiar. I guess all cities share certain characteristics but there's definitely what I feel is middle-eastern flavor to it.

Later, we met up with an old friend of Ruma for dinner at Cafe Noir, which was very nice. The pork schnitzel was great but what I really ended up liking was the Nana tea, which is basically a hot, mint tea. Simple and delicious.

Here's the only photo I took while walking around. Lame, I know. :-) I'll do better from now on.

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