Sunday, April 4, 2010

Conveyor-Belt Sushi

This past Wednesday I went for lunch at a local Japanese restaurant here in Barcelona that offers both traditional (order from a menu) seating as well as sitting at a table served by a conveyor belt. I decided to try out the conveyor option.

If you've never been to conveyor-served sushi place, they're kinda' fun. The food usually isn't that good (think buffet quality) but it's entertaining to make a selection as it passes by your seat. I liken it to being a hunter out in the field where you get to shoot whatever passes by your hide. In most places, your bill is totaled from the quantity and color of plates you've selected where each color represents a different price level. In this case, it was an all-you-can-eat, buffet-style price.

I've been to conveyor places in the U.S., Japan, and now Spain. The best one that I've gone to, believe it or not, was not in Japan but rather at Kura Sushi in Costa Mesa, California. I think this was the case partly because it was always busy, which meant that the food was fresher. I do remember going to one while in Nagasaki that was particularly good and I definitely want to try out one of the bigger ones in Tokyo if I'm ever there again.

As with pretty much all the "sushi" places that I've been to in the U.S., the Barcelona one was owned and operated by Koreans. It was funny to be an American in a Japanese restaurant operated by Koreans while in Spain. Domo arigato Señor Roboto anyone?


  1. been to a Yo Sushi yet? or are they only in the UK???

  2. Here I am next to revolving Sushi! lol


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