Sunday, April 18, 2010

Girona, Spain

I made a quick day-trip up to Girona, Spain this past Wednesday. It's located approximately half-way between Barcelona and the Spanish border with France. The train ride takes about one-and-one-half hours and has lovely scenery.

Girona is fairly small (~95,000 people) but has a few must-see sites including some restored Roman baths and a Gothic cathedral considered to be the finest example of that style in Spain. Several rivers flow through the town and there are lots of pretty bridge scenes like this one:

The "old city" is typical Euro-fare, stone-based buildings with cool architecture. There's an old Jewish neighborhood that has some neat shops and restaurants.

At the "central park", called Parc de la Devesa, you can see some nice installations, gardens, and the first signs of spring...

One of the cooler things in Girona is a bridge that was designed by Gustave Eiffel and built just before the Eiffel Tower:

Finally, some have asked me about where I'm living while in Spain. I took this shot on my way to the train station. It's a close approximation to my room in my apartment.

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