Sunday, April 25, 2010

Random Items From Granada

On Saturday I came across three random things that I wanted to share.

The first is a statue that I saw at the La Cartuja monastery that reminded me of the famous painting "The Scream" by Eduard Munch. An image of the painting is below followed by the photo of the statue. You decide if Munch owes someone royalty money...

Next was a somewhat disturbing (to me) piece of Catholic art. If you're not aware, Catholic art can be at times, well, fairly dark and violent. I've seen plenty of paintings and sculptures of martyrs that show the means of their death such as spears through the chest or axes in the head. With all of that, what I saw in the main cathedral of Grananda managed to surprise even me. Here's a photo of a sculpture of the head of John the Baptist on a silver platter:

Finally, I'm not 100% what this next image is. These guys were walking through the streets singing and yelling and generally having a good time. Since I saw a few different groups of young-ish guys (and one group of girls) in various types of dress, my guess is that it's some sort of bachelor party prank and looks like it was a lot of fun.

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