Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Formula1 Street-Performance Art

I was out running some errands on Monday afternoon near the Sants train station in Barcelona when I came across some street-performance art for the upcoming Formula1 race.

As you may or may not know, Formula1 is fairly popular in Europe and Asia and the next race is in Barcelona in three weeks. I became a light-weight fan of Formula1 this past year and I'm planning on attending the race. Telefónica, the Spanish version of AT&T, is one of the main sponsors and they apparently paid for this performance.

The attached video shows two cars in a mock F1 race. The entire thing takes place during a single, one-minute-long red light at a fairly busy intersection. I saw them do the same performance three times while I was there and this is the best video I got:

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  1. Sorry I haven't posted. I have been running races and saving the world. FYI Place in lederboard! Woot!

    Find a race in Barcelona and I will be over tout de suite to run it with you;-)


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