Thursday, February 18, 2010

Altitude Sickness

I left Lima on Tuesday morning and arrived in Arequipa. Arequipa is the second largest city in Peru and it is about 7800 feet above sea level. As with pretty much every city that the Spaniards conquered, it has a distinctly colonial feel to it and seems like a very nice town. I walked around during the evening and found a place for dinner (see the next post).

It didn't take long for the effects of altitude sickness to hit me. I started to feel it almost right after I arrived. Since 7800 feet is not really that high up, I think it was really a combination of the dehydration from my previous "stomach discomfort" and being very tired. I don't think that it helped that I had two drinks with dinner...

Altitude sickness has the interesting effect of making you feel completely hung over along with more "stomach discomfort" and a POUNDING headache. I spent all day Wednesday in bed and didn't eat until this morning. With the help of some medicines from a local farmacia, I'm feeling much better now but I'll still be taking it easy today.

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