Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I arrived in Lima (Peru) Monday morning around 1230am and headed over to the B&B near the beach south of downtown Lima to get some much needed sleep.

Unfortunately, I brought with me from the US a bit of stomach "discomfort" so I wasn't really feeling 100% on Monday during the day. I might be the first tourist to arrive in a third-world country with this condition.

I made a quick stop at the farmacia to get whatever medicine the 16-year-old-looking technician recommended and I started to feel better within an hour or so. It's my belief that every pharmacy in the third world is staffed exclusively by very young female technicians. I don't know what their training or qualification is but 99.9% of the time they fix whatever is wrong with you. I'm beginning to think that the US could save a lot of our health-care dollars by importing these technicians.

Another funny thing about farmacias is that you rarely, if ever, get a full container of pills. I got six each of two medicines for a total of twelve pills. My friendly technician carefully cut the pills from two different blister packs so I received the correct quantity. There's only partial names on the back of the pill packages. In other words, I'm not completely sure what medicines I'm taking but I am feeling better today...not completely better but better for sure.

Here's what's left of whatever drugs I got. Note the "generic packaging":

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  1. One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small;-)


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