Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cuy - Tastes Like Chicken

In Peru there are several regional specialties you just have to try while you're there. One of the local favorites is called cuy (coo-ey).

To save you the trip to wikipedia, in the US, we call cuy guinea pig. Yes, guinea pig. That not-so-cute-and-somewhat-smelly pet that kids love to want but hate to have. The cuy in this case was served fillet style and deep fried. In what reminded me of my trip to China a few years ago, the chef was kind enough to include the head with the meal. Here's a shot of our friend:

As with every food that you can't really describe, cuy tastes like chicken. I swear. It was actually pretty good and I'd probably eat it again. This meal got me thinking that I'm not sure what my parents ever did with the guinea pigs that we had when we were kids. My mom used to make a dish that we all called Chicken Surprise. Maybe one version of it had a real surprise in it?


  1. i don't know if Cookie and Peaches were in the chicken surprise butI bet they did spend some time in the freezer wrapped in tin those kittens:)

  2. Chicken Surprise--I think I had that with you!


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