Monday, February 8, 2010

Antonio Gaudi

Since the next couple of entries will be about Antoni Gaudi, I thought I’d throw some information about this very important Barcelona architect. Gaudi is to Barcelona like the Liberty Bell is to Philadelphia or the Statue of Liberty is to New York. His work is a must-see.

Gaudi’s work is known as part of the Modernist movement, also known as Art Nouveau. He uses natural forms in all his work. For example, columns that look like tree trunks, which are various sizes and placed at non-linear angles. So far, nothing that I’ve seen that he’s done has any straight lines anywhere.

Much of his work was “supported” by local families such as the Guell family. He designed things like houses and parks for these families. His most famous work is probably the Sagrada Familia, which is a church that is still under construction today.

I was told ahead of time that I’d like it and it is definitely interesting. Okay, enough of this. If you want more, here’s a link.

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