Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Downtown Disney With Vince

My first full day in the Golden State was spent getting the MINI up and running for use while I'm here. I was worried that it wouldn't want to move since it's been a year that I put it into storage but it fired right up. I hopped in and took it up to a mechanic in central Orange County that a friend had recommended. While the car was in the shop getting its vitals checked, I headed over to nearby Downtown Disney to meet up with my good friend Vince for lunch.

I met Vince many years ago and he's one of a small group of people that's responsible for my reasonable level of sanity. He was there to catch me before I could have bottom a little while ago. For that, I'll never be able to repay him.

A couple of things, other than a huge heart, that make Vince awesome is that he's an amazing graphic artist, owns his own record label, and throws an annual "Tacky Party" that's a must-attend event for the who's who of the tasteless in Southern California.

Thanks for lunch Vince and get yourself on a plane and take advantage of some of those come-stay-on-my-couch invites you have over on the continent!


  1. Wow! You and Vincey look just like Goofy! Do you get a complete makeover when you pay the big entrance bucks to Disney? Our couch is open to you, yours, and Vincey at any time. Love, Dawn and hermano Manuel

  2. Dawn and Manuel,

    Be careful what you wish just might find me on your doorstep one day, especially if you're down in Oaxaca any time soon!

    Oh yeah, thanks for the Goofy compliment. :-p


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