Friday, March 4, 2011

The Kebab Shop

Some foods just make me happy. There's a couple of things that my sister makes now that are from my mom's recipe book that always bring back good memories. I've also got a couple of foods that remind me of some of the places I've been and the good times that I've had there. Sometimes it's something as simple as just going out to a restaurant, like Nifty Fifties in Philadelphia or maybe Roberto's or the Coyote Cafe in Old Town San Diego, that does it for me.

Add the Kebab Shop to that list:

The Kebab Shop is located in a rare-in-California brick storefront at Ninth and Market in downtown San Diego. It was started by a guy who wanted to bring Turkish-style kabab to San Diego. The restaurant is order-and-pay-at-the-counter style and they have a fairly basic menu of kababs, gyro-type sandwiches, some fresh-made salads, to-die-for French fries, and some international beers in bottles.

It was originally introduced to me by a friend from my last job who lives not far away from the shop. She had told me that the sandwiches were like crack because of their level of addictiveness. I honestly think it's the fresh mint and (very) garlicy-yogurt sauce that they put in them that make it so good; actually I don't know what makes them so good but I have gotten in my car more than once and driven the 35 miles each way just to get a sandwich and go back home. This is definitely one of those cases that pictures just don't do it but here's my most recent Lamb Shawarma:

Every single person whom I've taken there has continued to talk about it with me even months and years (!!!) later. If you haven't already been there, ask anyone who's visited and stayed with me how they feel about the food. One secret in case you decide to stop by after a Padres game (Petco Park is about two blocks away), make sure to eat the whole thing as the last bite is definitely the best! There is no doubt that I'll be getting my happy fix at LEAST one more time while I'm here.

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