Tuesday, March 8, 2011

In-N-Out Burger With Dave

When you're in southern California, there's just one thing ya' just gotta' do, well other than eat lots of Mexican food, and that's go to In-N-Out to eat a burger. After going to Kobey's on Sunday, Dave drove us over to the nearest In-N-Out to do just that.

In-N-Out reaches near-cult status in California; people are addicted to it. The menu board is quite small compared to most fast-food places. There's really just a couple of different burgers, one size of fries, milkshakes, and drinks on the board. It's quite simple actually, which I believe is part of the charm.

The burgers are excellent with my preference the Double-Double, which has two burger patties each with its own piece of cheese, thus the name. The fries are equally good as they fresh-cut the potatoes on site. Et voila' - lunch for three:

If you're a regular, you probably know all the secret order codes that they do. I didn't know them (I looked them up while writing this) but they include things like an "Protein-style" (protein only with no bun) or "Animal" style where the burger is cooked in mustard among others. All I know is that the burgers and fries are good and I enjoy going. Thanks again Dave for taking me!


  1. Yeah yeah yeah, we did that! But did you get onion rings at Angelo's? You haven't visited SoCal unless you've visited Angelo's, preferably between the hours of 2am and 4am. YUM and YUCK all in the same bite. Much love.

  2. I actually haven't done Angelo's yet on this trip. Maybe a trip for the zucchini fries is in order. I'll let you know how that turns out...hmmmmm...


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