Monday, March 14, 2011


Driving fast. If there was a Like button for it, I'd click it in a second.

Because driving fast in my car on city streets isn't really a good idea, I love going go-karting whenever I can. The local karting place is called K1 Speed and it's located in Carlsbad, which is in the northern part of San Diego county. Their track is inside a warehouse and they use electric karts, which is kinda' nice since you don't leave smelling like a two-stroke motor...

I've been karting many times including once in Barcelona, once with the MINI club, and to this particular location quite a few times. I've even taken my crew from my last job twice as a thank you. I'm such a nice guy, huh? :-) Anyway, Diana, Jen, Dave, and I headed over the other night for a quick race.

The facility is super nice and I always have a ton of fun. You usually race with about seven or eight other folks of varying skills but if you have a big enough group you can all run together. The night we went there was a group who I could tell goes frequently. They all had their own helmets and were very competitive.

After a quick lesson on driving etiquette and the different color flags used on the track, we mounted up for our race.

A session lasts for about 10 laps, each of which takes about 40 seconds or so. I love getting to slide around the corners and trying to improve my times on each lap. By the end of the four-minute session, I actually start to feel a little bit of much for a potential career at Top Gun...

Zoom zoom! Like! Like! Thanks for a fun night out and lets do it again soon!

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