Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kobey's Swap Meet - San Diego

This past Sunday I went down to the Kobey's Swap Meet near the Sports Arena in San Diego with Dave who was looking for some old-school video game cartridges. I hadn't been to a flea market or swap meet in a looooong time so I was more than happy to go with him. It was pretty much what I remembered, people digging through piles of old junk that would probably be best donated...

...and carnival-style food stands...

For those folks reading this from outside of the U.S., a swap meet is an outdoor market, usually located in a large parking lot, where people rent a space to sell things. You'll find pretty much anything and everything from old electronics, to new clothing, furniture, food, massages, and everything in between. In my opinion, lots of the stuff is junk but people like it and still go to look for that "1980's analog synthesizer" or some other "treasure" that might turn up.

The highlight for me is just walking around because it was a good chance to people watch. I got to see people from all over the world in one place, which is one of the greatest parts of being in San Diego. There were Muslims that looked like they were from Egypt, Asians, Latinos, lots of white folks, and even some Raider's fans; yep, there were all kinds! :-)

Dave managed to find just what he was looking for and I picked up some spicy Mexican candy. I think he spent about $14 and I spent $ was a good kill. On our way out, we passed by these young girls busking for change:

They were super cute and were actually pretty good. More power to them! I have to be honest though, I think that I've had my fill of swap meets for a little while but I did have a good time. Thanks Dave for dragging me along!

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